The preaching of God’s Word is a high priority at Stonebridge. We make available our sermons for those unable to attend on Sundays. We hope we are all helped as we listen to the Word of God preached.

Recent Sermons

Feed the Holy Spirit – Meyers

Galations 5:16-18  Randy Meyers sermon was a wonderful challenge and encouragement for “Living by the Spirit”.  We cannot do it on our own, but the Spirit can do it for us. Praise the Lord!

Report from Meeting with Congregation at Three Meadows

Stonebridge Church gathered for a cookout and potluck at beautiful Three Meadows Park last evening for our monthly fellowship. After dinner, the congregation shared with me, and I with them, some of our thoughts and feelings that have arisen since I arrived a little over a month ago. I’ve led worship and preached six Sundays to date. Following is a list of  the congregation’s reflections followed by my own.Read More

Thoughts on Preaching

I am adjusting to the new responsibility of preaching every Sunday. My preaching responsibilities in the past were more infrequent, so I’m adjusting to a much faster pace. I love God’s word and the process of preparing and delivering weekly messages from it. I will continually seek to improve my skills in order to bring the truth of the Gospel to the church in the Holy Spirit’s power and love.  

Final Move to Ohio Coming Soon

I am thankful and relieved to know that Beth and Stephen will be moving here soon.  Our house in NC will be rented to another family beginning in September. We had hoped to sell it, but it seems the Lord has other plans for the time being.Read More

Hopeful News re Home in NC and Birthday Wishes

My wife Beth called today to say she’d received an application for rental of our home in NC. We’re hopeful that after the screening process this family will be able to rent our house for the next year or two while we settle in NW Ohio. We had hoped to sell the home but this may be the best option right now in the current economy. If all goes well, Beth and Stephen may be able to join me here by the end of August. That’s good news to me! I miss all of them. Son James had a birthday last week. I think it’s the first one I’ve missed in 22 years. Happy birthday James!

Stonebridge Church (EPC) Has New Facebook Page

We’ve just created a new Facebook Page for Stonebridge Church (EPC). Click on the link here or in the previous sentence to see the new Page. If you are not yet a Facebook user, you will need to sign up to view the page. If you are already a user, all you need to do is click the “LIKE” button. You will then be able to do several things. You can: See all new posts on our Page in your News Feed;Read More

New Sermon Series on First Peter (Stonebridge Church – EPC)

Persevering in Persecution: Help and Hope for Strangers in a Strange Land. We’ve just begun a new sermon series on the New Testament book of First Peter. This book was originally a letter written by the apostle Peter, along with his fellow worker Silas, from Rome in about 64 A.D. to five groups of Christians a thousand miles away in Asia Minor, or what is modern day Turkey. These Christians were being persecuted for their faith in various ways, and Peter wrote to encourage them to continue in their faith in Christ in spite of their present trials.Read More

Truth Matters – Meyers

1 John 2:18-27  RE Randy Meyers, winding down his interim preaching schedules focuses attention on the importance of Truth, and that The Bible claims it is the source of truth.

House For Sale and Moving North Soon

Our home in Wilmington

Over the weekend we completed the last of the sorting, cleaning, repairs and painting on our house in NC, put out the for sale signs, posted it on, sent out related posts to Craigslist and Facebook and sent notices to local real estate agents. We felt a great sense of relief to have reached this point in our journey to OH. We are as ready as we can be for the buyer we trust the Lord will send in his time.Read More

The Overseer; The Church – Scott Shaw

1 Timothy 3:1-7. TE Scott Shaw, in his last “regular” time with us, challenged us to hold ourselves to the same standard Paul holds up for the “Overseer” or Elder. This is what Scripture teaches, and it was good to hear and be challenged. We so appreciate Scott’s faithful ministry to us the past 13 months.
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