The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever (WSC 1)! Nowhere is this better pursued than in corporate worship together with your fellow members in the body of Christ. To that end, we must prepare our hearts for worship. Too often our weeks pass by in a blur; too often we are distracted with the busy thoughts of this life when we join the faithful in the pews. Walking with Christ is a marathon, not a sprint; walking with Christ requires endurance (Rom 5:3–4) and a loving pursuit of “our great God and Savior” (Tit 2:13) who loved us.

To help you prepare your heart for worship, consider making use of the following resources.

Preparing Your Heart for Worship

Consider making use of a devotional that emphasizes the Gospel or that emphasizes worship. A good devotional on the Gospel is Milton Vincent’s A Gospel Primer for Christians. This devotional contains a few different sections, but the main one has a 31-day devotional series meant to be repeated. This devotional rehearses the truths of the Gospel.

A good devotional on worship can be found in Paul Tripp’s Sunday Matters: 52 Devotionals to Prepare Your Heart for Church.

Preparing Your Heart for the Lord’s Supper

In his devotional book The Lord’s Table,1Public Domain. You can also read it online here or download an ePub or PDF here. Andrew Murray (1828–1917) discusses how we should prepare our hearts before we come together for the Lord’s Table and how we best benefit from our coming together afterwards. Beginning with the invitation the Sunday beforehand, this fourteen-day devotional also provides six days of preparation before our partaking (two on Saturday), two for the Sunday of, and six for the days afterwards.

Start reading The Lord’s Table here.