What is Faith?

Pastor Taylor continues his Galatians series in Chapter 3. St Paul again questions how it is possible- are they possessed? -that the Galatian ‘Christians’ are seeking to grow in their faith by following rules and pleasing God by how they live. Do they really understand what FAITH is?

Meditation on Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

St Mark, when writing about Jesus arrest, trial and crucifiction, is rather out of character. Mark’ usual writing style is to be short on details moving more quickly to the overview of the events he shares. Yet when he comes to this part of his gospel he goes, not only into detail, but rather graphic detail. It is almost “R” rated. Pastor Taylor in his sermon on this passage shares what might be St Mark’s motive.

Priority Of The Gospel

Pastor Taylor’s text was Galatians 2:1-10. The key take-away: If we want the church to succeed we need to guard the true gospel. This involves putting priority on the gospel message, standing and defending against attacks which attempt to add to, take away, or change the gospel, and in all this demonstrate love as we go about the ministry, the mission of the church.

The Gospel Is Revealed

“The gospel message is about a new creation.” This was the first assertion Pastor Taylor made today in his sermon. Continuing his series in the Epistle to the Galatians, Pastor Taylor made three points: 1) the gospel is revealed through grace; 2) that God reveals Jesus by grace and from grace, and 3) the character of the gospel – it is unchanging!

The Helper

The fourteenth chapter of St John’s gospel has occupied many, many sermons. Rarely is it preached through in one or two sermons. Yet, do to limited time, Jim Scullion as accomplished the task in three sermons. In this, the last of the three, Jim explains the impact of Jesus promising to send ‘another comforter’ after he leaves. With verses 15 and 31 as bookends, it is both and encouraging and challenging sermon.