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The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation – Jo

The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation – John 14:15-31  (Smith)

At Christmas we focus on Jesus the Second Person of the Trinity. But what of the third, the Holy Spirit. Listen as Dr Blair Smith explains the role of the Holy Spirit in the Incarnation which we celebrate at Christmas as well as His role in the life of the church thereafter. The Spirit of […]

Fear Not- Luke 2:8-21 (Frison)

Fear Not- Luke 2:8-21 (Frison)

It certainly is interesting that God elected to announce the coming of the Savior of the world to shepherds. Back in the day, shepherds were pretty low on the social scale, if not right at the bottom.  And true to form, when the ‘messenger’ comes, they almost die with fear.  Yet the work God sends […]

“Peace On Earth” Romans 5:1 (Scullion)

“Peace On Earth”  Romans 5:1  (Scullion)

In his Christmas carol, Longfellow laments “there is no peace on earth, I said.”   We often say the same. But in his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul replies. Listen as our visiting preacher describes the meaning of Paul’s declaration of peace in this week’s sermon. Peace on Earth

Submission Requires Faith- Acts 28:11-161

Submission Requires Faith- Acts 28:11-16 (Lavalette)

What do you do what you have an end goal in mind but you keep getting diverted along the way? What if you are convinced your end destination is where God really want you to end up? This seems to be St Paul’s experience as he has his sights set on Rome, but diversions, detours […]

You Are Not Like Everyone Else- Ex 19:1-1

You Are Not Like Everyone Else- Ex 19:1-6 (Conrow)

Who am I? What do I belong to? Am I unique?  Pastor Alan focused on these three questions. Questions that we might answer differently depending on if we are 15 or 55.  It seems apparent that many issues in peoples’ lives have as a root cause the individual’s sense of identity. Counselors of all colors […]

The Foundations of our Faith- Heb 6:1-3 1

The Foundations of our Faith- Heb 6:1-3 (Hoey)

Sure. We all want to move beyond “basics”, but without question the basic “blocking and tackling” of the Christian faith should never be far from our consciousness.  Pastor Bob Hoey presented a wonderful review of these basics as found in the Letter to the Hebrews. The Foundation of our Faith