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Salvation Re-explained- Zech 10:1-12 (Sh1

Salvation Re-explained- Zech 10:1-12 (Shaw)

Reading chapter 10 of Zechariah and you think you’ve heard this before.  And well you might. Pastor Scott’s sermon on chapter 10 Sunday explained how Zechariah reviews for the Israelites some basic concepts of how God would be there to help them, how their God is so different from other gods and how God’s help […]

A Jealousy to be Envied- Zech 8:1-23 (Sh1

A Jealousy to be Envied- Zech 8:1-23 (Shaw)

We tend to think of jealousy as always bad. But Pastor Scott suggested in his sermon that this might not necessarily be the case. That there might be times and situations where being jealous is actually a good thing. Especially, when it comes to God. SB_20151004_Shaw