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Righteousness Revealed- Rom 1:8-20 (Klen1

Righteousness Revealed- Rom 1:8-20 (Klenda)

What is God’s righteousness? Why do we need it? How do we obtain it? And what benefits accrue to those who obtain it?  These are the questions  that our own Mike Klenda shared in his sermon today.  Many in the world have a variety of theories and ideas about how man is to find “salvation” […]

The LORD is Near!- Phil 4:2-9 (Frison)

The LORD is Near!- Phil 4:2-9 (Frison)

The Apostle Paul is in prison as he wrote to the believers in Philipi.  Paul knows that life is can be very hard. It can be painful. Yet Paul gives the Philipians this encouragement: The LORD is near.  He is near in that he is in us, and he is near to mean that his […]