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Reformed Evangelism

Reformed Evangelism

While looking for an article that provides a theological foundation for evangelism and missions I found the following. I encourage you to skim or read the article entitled, “Reformed Evangelism,” by Morton Smith. Perhaps the best I’ve read. Helps Reformed thinkers apply Reformed methods to evangelism instead of merely whatever is currently popular at the […]

Loving One Another As God’s Beloved Chil

Loving One Another As God’s Beloved Children – Eph 5:1 (Sonnenberg)

Pastor Dan has moved us to understand that it should be our desire to lives of purity and unity – especially as we live with one another in the church. Tough to do, but fortunately our God has left us a wonderful example for us to imitate, or emulate.  He has shown us what this […]

Five Reasons for Holiness-Eph 4:25-32 (S1

Five Reasons for Holiness-Eph 4:25-32 (Sonnenberg)

Called to unity. Called to holiness. “Fine we say. But can you help me with a good reason why holiness should be a wish or goal of mine?”  Glad you asked!  Pastor Dan’s sermon presents five reasons that the Apostle Paul give in Ephesians for motivating us to holiness.

Christian Holiness – Eph 4:20-24 (Sonnen

Christian Holiness – Eph 4:20-24 (Sonnenberg)

No one would probably argue that Christians are to live “holy lives”.  The rub comes in just how exactly we are to make it happen; how we can actually live in the holy way that we are taught.  In Ephesians Paul shares that if we listen to Christ and give attention to understand, Christ will […]