We’ve just created a new Facebook Page for Stonebridge Church (EPC). Click on the link here or in the previous sentence to see the new Page. If you are not yet a Facebook user, you will need to sign up to view the page. If you are already a user, all you need to do is click the “LIKE” button. You will then be able to do several things. You can:

See all new posts on our Page in your News Feed;

Contribute to our Page in the following ways (pertaining to Stonebridge Church, its ministries, activities and people):

  • Users can write or post content on the wall;
  • Users can add photos;
  • Users can add tags to photos by Stonebridge Church (EPC);
  • Users can add videos.

For example, if you took pictures or video of our recent “Tubing on the Maumee” event, you can post those to our Page. Or if you are a member of Stonebridge and have recent pictures of your family that you’d like everyone to see, you can post those. We LOVE pictures! Or you can add tags to pictures already there. If you tag a picture of yourself, it will automatically show up in your Profile! Or if you see an article about one of our members (or one of your children) in the paper or elsewhere, you can write a post to tell us about it and even create a link to it so we can all read or see it.

We’ll regularly post news from our Connections publications and other reminders, news and links to recent sermons and more. Join us on Facebook and help us make it a Page that encourages the church and gives praise to God.