The preaching of God’s Word is a high priority at Stonebridge. We make available our sermons for those unable to attend on Sundays. We hope we are all helped as we listen to the Word of God preached.

Recent Sermons

Truth Matters – Meyers

1 John 2:18-27  RE Randy Meyers, winding down his interim preaching schedules focuses attention on the importance of Truth, and that The Bible claims it is the source of truth.

House For Sale and Moving North Soon

Our home in Wilmington

Over the weekend we completed the last of the sorting, cleaning, repairs and painting on our house in NC, put out the for sale signs, posted it on, sent out related posts to Craigslist and Facebook and sent notices to local real estate agents. We felt a great sense of relief to have reached this point in our journey to OH. We are as ready as we can be for the buyer we trust the Lord will send in his time.Read More

The Overseer; The Church – Scott Shaw

1 Timothy 3:1-7. TE Scott Shaw, in his last “regular” time with us, challenged us to hold ourselves to the same standard Paul holds up for the “Overseer” or Elder. This is what Scripture teaches, and it was good to hear and be challenged. We so appreciate Scott’s faithful ministry to us the past 13 months.

Prayer in the Reformed Tradition for the Modern Church

I took a course in seminary entitled “Leading in Prayer” with Dr. Hughes Old. I look forward to using a number of the ideas from his class and book by the same title as I begin to plan worship services at Stonebridge. I wrote an extended paper as a final project for the class identifying the Reformed roots of both the forms and contents of the prayers in his book. Click on the following link to read my article entitled, “The Reformed Roots of Hughes Old’s Leading in Prayer: A Workbook for Worship.” An excerpt… “The prayers of the Lord’s Day in the Reformed tradition have been shaped by a number of writers since the 16th century. Hughes Oliphant Old’s Leading in Prayer has drawn together the principles and content of these prayers in a way that can be adapted to the modern worship service.”

The Test of Love – Randy Meyers

1 John 2:7-11 RE Randy Meyers addressed the second of three arguments made by the Apostle John for knowing if we are true believers: The Test of Love. Simple concept, but challenging to live that way.

Preparations for Move to Perrysburg

All four of us are hard at it today to get our house in Wilmington, NC ready to go on the market. We rose early and made our lists, and fortunately, we have a nice day to work – not too hot, with even a little breeze. On the lists today are:  Read More

Memorial Day

Remembering today all those who have died in military service for our country. They have not fallen in vain. We honor them and their families for their service and sacrifice on our behalf.

How Do We Know? – Meyers

1 John 2:3-6  Randy Meyers takes a “pastoral turn” in this week’s sermon.  John was confronting heresies in the form of Gnosticism, and he addresses the challenges head on. And yet there are some wonderful applications for God’s people today.

Responding to Tornado Tragedies in AL, MO and AR

My heart goes out to the many families who have lost loved ones and all their worldly possessions in the recent rash of devastating tornadoes in Alabama, Missouri and Arkansas. The destruction, even as we view it by television, is overwhelming. I can’t imagine what they must be feeling. It’s heartening to hear the testimonies of many survivors who are truly thankful that their lives have been spared even though they’ve lost so much. I believe the Scriptures hold the key to answering questions about how we should think about such tragedies, what attitudes we should have toward God in relation to them, and what actions we should take in response.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive treatment of the topic, but merely a starting point for our thoughts and actions.Read More

Progress and Pressure Washing

Today we made some good progress in getting our house in Wilmington, NC ready for the market. A very kind neighbor who is also a friend of Beth’s, came over with her pressure washer this morning, and beginning on the front porch, by the end of the day, made it all the way around the house. She was trying to surprise us! We discovered her about 11am, already soaked to the skin, with most of the front porch and front sidewalk completed. Beth had been working in the back room on some tax items and I had gone to run some morning errands. So Beth and I joined in to help and together we were able pressure wash the rest of the siding, eaves, windows, the wooden deck on the back of the house, and the first third of the driveway. It already looks great! We’re anxious to finish the rest tomorrow and move on to the next items on our list. Thank you, Lord, for good friends and strength for the remaining tasks ahead of us.

For Whom Did Jesus Die? – Meyers

1 John 2:2.  Randy Meyers finishes his “mini-series” on 1 John 2:1-2 after 4 sermons =:).  This message was one of “solid food” vs “milk” and certainly also left many things unsaid on this subject. As Randy said, this subject has been debated in the Church easily since the third century, but Randy felt it was something we could benefit from hearing. [podcast][/podcast]

Final Approval and Next Steps to Beginning at Stonebridge

From left: Stewart Hickman, Brian Navarette, Mike Klenda, Dan and Beth Sonnenberg

On Friday, May 13 I was examined on my views on the floor of the Midwest Presbytery during their spring meeting in West Lafayette, IN. Thankfully, the examination went well and the Presbytery voted to affirm the Ministerial Committee’s recommendation to receive me as a member of their Presbytery pending dismissal from the Mid-Atlantic Presbytery where I currently hold my membership in the EPC. This was the final step toward full approval to serve as the Senior Pastor of Stonebridge. Read More

What Are You Waiting For? – Shaw

Matthew 25:14-30 Scott Shaw explores a parable which Jesus taught during Holy Week. A parable to help his disciples understand that what they did with what they had been given is important. [podcast][/podcast]
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