Open Position

January 8, 2021. Stonebridge Church (SEPC) is seeking a full-time pastor. Here are links to documents which describe the position and provide more information about our church. To be considered by our committee candidates need to provide at a minimum an EPC Personal Information Form (link to that form below) and recordings of at least 4 sermons preached within the last 24 months or links to such sermons on church or organizational Websites. ( .mp3 format is preferred). Any additional information you wish to provide which might help us would be appreciated!

Request to interested candidates

Our EPC Church Information Form (CIF)

Addendum to CIF

Link to EPC Personal Information Form, (PIF) which we require from interested candidates

Pleases direct inquiries to: Martin Rossol – 419.349.1406 (leave a message, he will not answer numbers not in address book). Or email at, or