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The Offense of the Cross

St Paul is coming in for a landing relative to his arguments against those trying to convince the Galatian believers they needed to perform certain acts, duties, works, in order to be certain their status with God was secure. It is in Chapters 5 and 6 that St Paul brings in “the cross”. What exactly is “the offense of the cross”? Pastor Taylor addresses that question in this sermon.

For Freedom

In Galatians chapter 5, St Paul is ‘coming in for a landing’ with his arguments about the covenant of grace vs earning God’s favor by performance or merit. Pastor Taylor points out that verse one of this chapter begins with the word “Freedom”! And then Paul explains what that freedom Christ as actually bestowed on his followers.

A Pastor’s Heart

In Galatians chapter 4 St Paul expresses some of his personal heart, his pastoral heart. And his focus is on the seeming inclination of the Galatians reverting to Jewish traditions, rules and laws. The gospel which Paul has preached is one of “freedom” to live in obedience to God; this opposed to being a slave to certain rules, practices and holy days. All, which St Paul says, are unable to make us right with God.

Why the Law?

St Paul, in Galatians 3 now asks the obvious question: If keeping “the Law” doesn’t make people right with God, why did God give the Law? It doesn’t seem as if it is really necessary, so why did God go to the trouble- and humanity have to deal with it -give the Law to his people? This is the subject of Pastor Taylor’s sermon.