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Fear Not!

Most of us have experienced more “fear” the past two years than we likely have the past 5-10. New administration. COVID. Vaccine. Lockdowns. Tucked into the middle of Zechariah’s prophecy in Luke 1, is a statement that got Martin Rossol thinking about fear and how Jesus followers should respond: “..that we, being delivered from the hand or our enemies, might serve him without fear, in holiness and righteousness before him all our days, . . . ” Martin talked to us today about fear.

David’s Anger Restrained

King David is a “type” of Christ in many respects. He typifies what the final King would be like. And yet David, the man, was beset by some of the maladies with which humans are beset. Specifically, David has an inclination to anger. In today’s sermon based in 1 Samuel 25, Martin Rossol show us this negative example from David; and example which should make us guard against allowing anger to motivate our actions in the way it motivated David. But in the same event we see the wonderful way in which God used Abigail to restrain David’s anger; to help David see the error of that anger and the damage it would cause.

The Biblical Office of King

Our own Martin Rossol covered a lot of ground, or maybe provided a 30,000 foot view of “Kingship” in the Bible, mostly focused in the Old Testament, but also the fulfillment of this “office” by Jesus- as prophesied. How and when did the office of “King” originate and how might we think about it today. This is the first in a series on anger – you’ll have to catch later episodes to see the connection!

The Ultimate Statistic

What statistic does no one what to be part of, but we all will be? Death. God doesn’t shy from the brutal truth: as a consequence of sin, everyone is condemned to die. As early as Genesis chapter 5 God forcefully confirms this fact to anyone who is paying attention. Yet even in this dismal description of humanity, there are two seeds of hope. Martin Rossol does not what you to miss these two glimmers.