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The Helper

The fourteenth chapter of St John’s gospel has occupied many, many sermons. Rarely is it preached through in one or two sermons. Yet, do to limited time, Jim Scullion as accomplished the task in three sermons. In this, the last of the three, Jim explains the impact of Jesus promising to send ‘another comforter’ after he leaves. With verses 15 and 31 as bookends, it is both and encouraging and challenging sermon.

Greater Works Than These

St John chapter 14 consistently ranks very high as a favorite of believers in Jesus. And in many ways it is no surprise. The chapter is filled with hope; both for the present and for the future. But in v. 12 Jesus makes an incredible statement: Those who believe in him will not only do the works that Jesus has done, but will do even greater works that these! What to make of this statement?

Jesus And Troubled Hearts

Why would Jesus request “Let not your hearts be troubled…”? Its because human hearts do become troubled. We do fret, worry and become anxious. Jesus himself was ‘troubled’ on more than one occasion. Jim Scullion wanted to let this congregation know that Jesus urges his followers to not let their hearts be troubled because he is the solution to those troubles.

God is Still In Charge

Lots of crazy things happening here, in the US and around the world. Yes? The same was true for the congregation in Thessalonica to whom St Paul wrote a few letters. Specifically, he wanted to remind the readers that they could trust what they had been taught and that God would not leave them in a state of helplessness. And Jim Scullion shows in his sermon how these things can help us today.

A Growing Church

Jim Scullion starts a new series on the short letter of St Paul to the Thessalonians- his second letter to this church. Perhaps surprising to us, St Paul indicated that persecution was evidence that the church was growing! Maybe not what we want to hear? But maybe its what we need to hear in these days.