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Our All Sufficient Shepherd

1 Peter is an epistle, a letter, that speaks to believers who are experiencing “tough times” of some kind. Suffering? Persecution? We are unclear the exact nature of what it is. But St Peter makes it clear that suffering is “part of the deal” when you “sign up” as a Jesus follower. He then points to Jesus as an example for them- and for us -as one who endured the most unjust suffering. Jesus’ response to suffering can be a wonderful guide for us.

(The first minute or so are missing and a brief bit of distortion in 1-2 spots: so sorry.)

Finding God in the Dark

Psalm 6 is one Psalm that has left many questioning its author or, if it was King David, if he really could have been in such a depressed state. Pastor Croyts, continuing he series in Psalms, pointed out that often when we are in deep dispair it confirms that God is still at work. Yes, that is hard to believe. Better hear Pastor Croyts explain it in his own words.