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On His Mission, By His Power

Pastor Jeff’s main text today was John 21 – Jesus helping his disciples refocus on the mission he had given them after they had slipped back into what was comfortable for them – Fishing. But much of what Jesus was teaching in Chapter 15 is foundational for what comes in Chapter 21. Jesus wants; he expects his followers to bear much fruit. And the way Jesus says this will happen is if the disciples “abide in him”. The same is true for us today, except we usually don’t take this command as seriously as we should.

Sing To The Lord!

Music. Songs. Singing. There is something about music which moves us in ways little or nothing else can do. Think of The Ohio State fight song; the lyrics alone may move some one a little, but combined with the music and you can have a whole lot of people energized! People who follow Christ are similarly moved, energized, consoled, and much more, with songs and singing. In fact, the Bible commands it, as Pastor Jeff explains.

Suffer Faithfully

There’s a quote attributed to Winston Churchill: “If you’re going through hell, don’t stop. Keep going.” While this quote might not be exactly Biblical, Pastor Jeff’s sermon suggests that believers should do somewhat the same when, not if, we experience trials, or testing, or hard times, or suffering. The Bible teaches that we should expect difficult times, and face them with God’s help, with the help of other believers, and with the confidence that God is in control of all that we have to face.