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Puzzle Pieces of Providence

King Solomon was the wisest man whoever lived. That is what the Bible says. He tried everything to find the most joy and pleasure in life. His research and results are captured for our benefit in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiates. Pastor Jeff basically shared that our outlook greatly influences the outcome in our lives. If we respond to what happens to us in life as “God ordained” then we will or can learn and grow in ways that make us into the image God has in mind for us. If our outlook is that we are the master of our own fate, then we will likely experience the good and bad in life without seeing the value God is attempting to create in us.

On His Mission, By His Power

Pastor Jeff’s main text today was John 21 – Jesus helping his disciples refocus on the mission he had given them after they had slipped back into what was comfortable for them – Fishing. But much of what Jesus was teaching in Chapter 15 is foundational for what comes in Chapter 21. Jesus wants; he expects his followers to bear much fruit. And the way Jesus says this will happen is if the disciples “abide in him”. The same is true for us today, except we usually don’t take this command as seriously as we should.