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Bringing Heaven Home- Col 3:17-4:1 (Conrow)

What will heaven be like? Well, if we Christians would obey what the Apostles taught us in the New Testament we might experience just a little bit of what it will be like [before we get there].

Bringing Heaven Home

The Christian Life Matters- Rom 12:1-21 (Conrow)

Does living the Christian life really matter? Pastor Alan outlines from Romans why it does, and how it does.

The Christian Life Matters

Experiencing God’s Goodness- Ps 34:1-10 (Conrow)

The events which underlie the writing of Psalm 34 seem quite an unlikely source in which King David finds and experiences God’s goodness. David is on the run for his life and the enemies of Israel appear to be a better haven than any he can find in his own country. Yet it is exactly here that David says: “Oh, taste, and see that the Lord is good!”

Experiencing God’s Goodness

Contending for the Gospel- Acts (Conrow)

We should be telling others about what God has done for us. The good news of the gospel.  Why don’t we? Pastor Alan shared that we will share this good news with others when we know the gospel ourselves; when we receive the gospel in our lives; and when we live out the gospel.

Contending for the Gospel

What Makes a Church Beautiful?-Rom 12:9-21 (Conrow)

The church in America does not hold the “favored” place it once did. Pastor Alan shared some statistics to support that contention. He then asked: Why? Why has the church lost the appeal to so many in our nation, and what is God’s design to make the church beautiful to those both inside and out?

What Makes a Church Beautiful?

Heaven? What Will We Do There?- Rev 21:1-5 (Conrow)

Wow! I cannot remember a better sermon on this subject.  A “must listen to”!

Heaven: What will we actually do there?

A Living Hope- 1 Peter 1:3-9 (Conrow)

When buying a gift, do you go for the fad or the tried and true?  Most of us would go for the tried and true.  Pastor Alan asks “Why is it that our emotional, personal well-being seems to be bases on how we feel or how things are going?”  He challenges believers to recognize that we actually have the tried and true. We have a hope that is living!

A Living Hope

Chosen By God- 1 Pet 1:1,2 (Conrow)

Are you trusting in your good deeds or are you hoping in the fact that God has chosen you?

Chosen By God