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Thus Says The Lord!

One Biblical scholar has said that the prophet Zechariah was the most “forward looking” of the Old Testament prophets. In this sermon, Pastor Mike walks us through the first part of chapter 8 of Zechariah. In it we see that God is really interested in some of the more ordinary aspects of human experience, and that that is what we will see in the “new Jerusalem” one day.

Coming Again- Zech 14 (Shaw)

“The End”.  Well, sort of.  Today’s sermon ended Pastor Scott’s series on Zechariah. Chapter 14 is primarily a message of hope for God’s people. It also parallels a number of themes found in the New Testament.


Cleansed! -Zechariah 13 (Shaw)

Chapter 13 in the Prophet Zechariah is one of hope and reassurance.  As Zechariah begins to wind down he assures his hearers that God will indeed provide help and cleansing to those whom he has called and who put their hope in him.


The One Whom We Pierced- Zech 12 (Shaw)

The tone of chapter 12 shifts back to that of hope and encouragement. The prophet tells of the dominance and greatness of Israel – God’s people.  The source of all these benefits is the fact that God Himself is their God.


The Shepherd & Sheep- Zech 11:1-17 (Shaw)

Chapter 11 of Zechariah’s prophecy is a rather strange one. It beings with poetry, then a section of prose, then back to poetry again. A bit different than the rest of the book thus far.  And this chapter really needs to be understood in light of literary styles and poetic inferences. Pastor Scott does a thorough job explaining, not only what the chapter says, but what it might be saying to us today.


Salvation Re-explained- Zech 10:1-12 (Shaw)

Reading chapter 10 of Zechariah and you think you’ve heard this before.  And well you might. Pastor Scott’s sermon on chapter 10 Sunday explained how Zechariah reviews for the Israelites some basic concepts of how God would be there to help them, how their God is so different from other gods and how God’s help would come to them. Zechariah was reminding his listeners, well, like we today often need reminding.


The King is Coming! – Zech 9:9-17 (Shaw)

Last week: the prophecy of Alexander the Great’s coming, rising and falling. This week the subject of Zechariah changes to the coming of God’s King!  A King who comes first in peace, not war.


They Called Alexander: “the Great” -Zech 9:1-8 (Shaw)

Zechariah 9 is a strange chapter indeed. And yet there is something in it for us even today.