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Be a Blessing?

Randy Meyers challenged the congregation with a reading of Genesis 12 that most had not heard. Yes, God promised to bless Abram, but Randy argues that an equally valid reading is that Abram should be a blessing to others. There is support for this in other Scripture passages, including in 1 Peter 3.

The Ultimate Statistic

What statistic does no one what to be part of, but we all will be? Death. God doesn’t shy from the brutal truth: as a consequence of sin, everyone is condemned to die. As early as Genesis chapter 5 God forcefully confirms this fact to anyone who is paying attention. Yet even in this dismal description of humanity, there are two seeds of hope. Martin Rossol does not what you to miss these two glimmers.

Where is the Lamb?

Randy Meyers draws the attention of the congregation to what may not be the most well-known event of Genesis, but arguably one which most explicitly foreshadows the work of Jesus on the Cross. Randy’s hope is that it will lead us to desire to respond to the testing of our faith in a way that grows our confidence in God’s promises.

A Woman of Faith- Gen 24:50-66

Martin Rossol has two daughters. He is also leading a class on The Big Picture in which the book of Genesis has been on the agenda. As Martin put it: “…you have to be extremely focused or biased to not see the women in the stories…”   And with his recent interaction with his daughters his thoughts turned to focus perhaps a bit more on some of the women instead of the men in the Genesis story.  What Martin ask the congregation to consider was that Rebekah was fully occupied, fully engaged in her world; she was convinced that the Lord was sovereign and had a plan; and that she was fully committed; she was ‘all in’ when it came to the invitation to become Isaac’s wife.  Rebekah, Martin had us consider, is a ‘Type’ of church while Isaac is a ‘Type’ of Christ.

Jacob: Facing and Overcoming Fear- Gen 32:22-32 (Lee)

Fear. Do you know anyone who has never had any fear? What are your fears? How do you deal with fear?  Abraham Lee walks us through the story of Jacob found in Genesis 32. We can learn from Jacob, how God wants us to deal with the fears in our lives.

Trouble? No, Training!- Gen 29:1ff (Lee)

We were privileged today to have our ruling elder Abraham Lee preach God’s Word to us. His text was Gen 29 – the story of Jacob negotiating with uncle Laban and experiencing 20+ years of “problems” that he never anticipated. Yet in all these “problems” and “issues”, God was working to conform Jacob into the man he really wanted. And it is the same for us today.

God Loves Dysfunctional Families- Gen 34, 38 and 49 (Sonnenberg)

OK, so we’ve seen in the series that the people in Genesis were not all that “wonderful”. But in today’s sermon, Pastor Dan, well, its sort of a shocker.  I mean, how dysfunctional can a family get?!  Well, it can get pretty ugly. But the amazing thing is that God’s plan includes some members of some not too normal families. So are you a bit discouraged about your family?  Take heart!  Please listen and let today’s sermon encourage you!