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The Divine Cure

In Jeremiah 11 the prophet, similar to a physician, is, being given God’s diagnosis of Judah’s “problem”; Judah’s disease. Its a lethal condition but the ‘patient’ is not listening or taking the medicine that will help the ‘patient’ be cured. Dom Marko, our preacher this Sunday, walks us through the diagnosis and then presents the cure.

Seek the Welfare of Your City- Jer 29:1-7 (Sonnenberg)

How are we to relate to where we live? We get a pretty good sense when we read Jeremiah. The Jews were ‘captives’ in Babylon- a representation of the God-hating world -yet Jeremiah encourages them to… ‘ settle down… plant gardens and eat the produce…give your  sons and daughters in marriage… have grandchildren…’ .  They were also to seek and pray for the prosperity and peace of Babylon.  Wow, what a  command! And is there a lesson for us today? You bet.  Listen to Pastor Dan’s sermon and find out!