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Once is Enough- Heb 10

Why did God become human? This question has been asked over the centries, and Pastor Mike brings our attention to the fact that God became human ‘only once’, because once was enough.  God was able to successfully accomplish what he came to do in that single event.

Once is Enough

Once For All! – Heb 9:24-28

How praise-worthy to hear about the work that Jesus did for us by dying on Good Friday but rising again on Easter Sunday!  We are done with daily, weekly, annual sacrifices because Jesus died “once for all” so that we can be right with God for all time.

Once For All

Don’t Look Back- Heb 8 (Lavalette)

What would you think if a couple, married 8-9 years, announced that they were going to annul their marriage and go back to being engaged?  Would seem more than a bit strange, yes?  Well, the Hebrews (those people addressed in the New Testament epistle The Letter to the Hebrews) were thinking of doing something very similar. They were wanting to leave all the benefits of Christianity and go back to the rules and regulations of Judaism.

Don’t Look Back

Anchored in Christ- Heb 6:13-20 (Lavalette)

Where do you run when you need a refuge? Pastor Jeff encouraged us to run to Jesus. As the writer admonished his readers in the Letter to the Hebrews: “… God did this so that…we … may be greatly encouraged.”

Anchored in Christ

Mature in Christ- Heb 5:11-6:12 (Lavalette)

You’re at a BBQ. Lots of great food.  What’s the deal with the yogurt and applesauce packets that you brought to eat? Why not the pulled pork? The juicy burger?  Well, you don’t feed pulled pork to infants; likewise with Christians who are immature.

Mature in Christ

No Need to Hide from the Gospel – Heb 4:14 – 5:10 (Lavalette)

Why do we hide? Hide from others? Hide our true selves from our family, friends, the church? We often try to hide from God.  In today’s Scripture passage, Pastor Jeff shares the good news that Jesus Christ knows us completely. Nothing about us is hidden from him.  And the amazing thing: He still loves and accepts us!!  We should run to him; leave all our hiding; leave all our pretense and simply place all our confidence in what he has done and wants to do in and thru us.

No Need to Hide from the Gospel