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Meditation on Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

St Mark, when writing about Jesus arrest, trial and crucifiction, is rather out of character. Mark’ usual writing style is to be short on details moving more quickly to the overview of the events he shares. Yet when he comes to this part of his gospel he goes, not only into detail, but rather graphic detail. It is almost “R” rated. Pastor Taylor in his sermon on this passage shares what might be St Mark’s motive.

The Gospel is . . .

Today’s sermon text is the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume that cost about one year’s wages. Imaging a bottle of perfume that costs $65,000 – and using it all on one person on one occasion?!! Shocking as that is, and as interesting as Jesus response is to the invariable critics; Jim Scullion takes this passage in a different direction by focusing on Jesus use of the word “gospel”. Listen…

Wasting the Advantage

Think of any situation: if you have “an advantage” it usually is the smart thing to capitalize on that advantage. Be it a team, a business, or a financial transaction. As it relates to faith in Jesus, the comment has often been made “Wouldn’t it have been so great to have lived in Judea when Jesus was there?!” Well, in today’s sermon, Jim Scullion suggests that living in Jesus’ day was no more a guarantee of belief than living in any other period of time.


The literal, bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the foundation of the Christian Religion. Pastor Jim helps us rejoice in that reality, and presents those who don’t believe some thoughtful reasons to give it more consideration.

Jesus is King! -Mark 11:1-11

Today is Palm Sunday.  As one of our Elders observed: “There were a lot of folks dressed and on their way to church this morning, and that encourages me.”    And we were thankful for each one out this afternoon to worship; to hear God’s Word preached, and to fellowship and be encouraged by God’s people.

When Jesus came to Jerusalem that Palm Sunday, the crowd was there when he arrived, but seems it had totally dissipated by the time Jesus left Jerusalem for Bethany early evening.  What happened? He as just hailed as the coming king a few hours earlier?

Jesus is King!

Jesus is the Christ!- Mark 8:27-38

You don’t have to be particularly religious to feel that humanity is in need of “saving”.  No matter how long you think humans have been around we don’t seem to be able to rid ourselves of the “bad things” that plague us:  Hate, war, abuse, frustration, etc. Pastor Alan shared from Mark 8, that Jesus is, in fact, the Savior that we all need.

Good News! Jesus is the Christ!

With Jesus Comes Celebration!- Mark 2:18-20

How about that National NCAA championship football game?!  Exciting? Make you want to celebrate? (If you were on the right side…?).  Well, Pastor Alan spoke to us about our ability as Christ followers to always have something to celebrate.

With Jesus Comes Celebration!

Truly This Man was the Son of God- Mark 15:16-47 (Shaw)

We’ve come to the end of Pastor Shaw’s series on St Mark’s gospel.  And as they say: it went down just like Jesus intended it to.  One theme St Mark has been consistent on is that Jesus knew what he wanted; knew how he wanted as situation to develop; and this last real event also went just as he planned.