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Fulfilling Our Mission- Ex 33:12-23 (Conrow)

God is on a mission. He has a mission. We wants his people to be part of that mission.  Ah, but his people “fail to quality” as valid participants…  What to do? Pastor Alan’s sermon identifies just how God accomplishes his mission and includes his people in it.

Fulfilling Our Mission

God will Deliver Us – Exodus 2:23-3:10 (Conrow)

What are the assurances that God will deliver his people? Listen here to our sermon from this Sunday’s text in the book of Exodus as our visiting pastor identifies these assurances.

God Will Deliver Us

You Are Not Like Everyone Else- Ex 19:1-6 (Conrow)

Who am I? What do I belong to? Am I unique?  Pastor Alan focused on these three questions. Questions that we might answer differently depending on if we are 15 or 55.  It seems apparent that many issues in peoples’ lives have as a root cause the individual’s sense of identity. Counselors of all colors agree that identity is the foundation for much in an individual.  The Bible teaches that identity is a creation of God.  He wants his people to have a very clear understanding who they are. Pastor Alan’s thoughts based on Scripture are very helpful to understanding how God wants his people to see themselves.

Who Am I?

Other Scripture references: Genesis 1:27-28; 1Peter 2:9-10; Malachi 3:17.