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John’s Letter to Gaius – Part 4

Pastor BJ finishes his series on 3 John today. For many at Stonebridge this was the first time they have heard a series on 3 John; it was so meaningful and helpful. St John is really emphasizing the value of “the personal touch”. And Pastor BJ confirmed the value of picking up the phone or meeting in person rather than defaulting to an email, or SMS message, or Messaging. Some things are simply to valuable or important to communicated in any other way other than face-to-face.

Letter to Gaius Pt. 3

It’s not uncommon for Christians today to look back romantically to the early church in New Testament times as being this wonderful, loving organization. John 3, as Pastor BJ explains, is written explicitly addressing what seems to be a bit of a power struggle in a church. Sounds familiar. The Apostle John is gently, yet firmly, addressing the situation, and Pastor BJ wants us to learn from it.