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David’s Anger Restrained

King David is a “type” of Christ in many respects. He typifies what the final King would be like. And yet David, the man, was beset by some of the maladies with which humans are beset. Specifically, David has an inclination to anger. In today’s sermon based in 1 Samuel 25, Martin Rossol show us this negative example from David; and example which should make us guard against allowing anger to motivate our actions in the way it motivated David. But in the same event we see the wonderful way in which God used Abigail to restrain David’s anger; to help David see the error of that anger and the damage it would cause.

The Biblical Office of King

Our own Martin Rossol covered a lot of ground, or maybe provided a 30,000 foot view of “Kingship” in the Bible, mostly focused in the Old Testament, but also the fulfillment of this “office” by Jesus- as prophesied. How and when did the office of “King” originate and how might we think about it today. This is the first in a series on anger – you’ll have to catch later episodes to see the connection!

A King Who Saves – 1 Samuel 11:1-15 (Conrow)

Who is able to save us? The Hebrews of Jabesh-gilead, under seige,  feared they would have no rescuer, just as people throughout the ages, beseiged by sin, have also longed for a savior.  For them, King Saul was their answer.  Who is it for us?  Listen as visiting pastor Alan Conrow explains with the text from 1 Samuel 11:1-15.

A King Who Saves