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Other gods- 1 Kings 11

It seems almost unimaginable that King Solomon would stray from ‘true religion’, yet that is exactly what happened to this king of Israel.  What is the lesson for us today?

Other gods

The Queen of Sheba and Solomon?- 1 Kings 10

I Kings 10 is such an amazing chapter, and  Pastor Jim Scullion was quite excited to tell us about it.  You may find it interesting, too.

The Queen of Sheba and Solomon?

What Are You Building?- 1 Kings 9 (Scullion)

Pastor Scullion provided some insight to this unusual chapter in 1 Kings.

What Are You Building?

Bringing Up the Ark – 1 Kings 8:1-21 (Scullion)

In this week’s text, we see the beginning of the ceremony Solomon decreed to bring the ark to the temple just built in Jerusalem.   This is of great historical interest, but even more, it reveals at least three things in the nature of our God.   Listen as our guest preacher Jim Scullion spells this out.

Bringing Up the Ark

Furnishing the Temple-1 Kings 17:13-27 (Scullion)

What does the OT “Furnishing of the Temple” have to do with us today?

Furnishing the Temple

Why Say All This? – 1 Kings 6 (Scullion)

Why is all the detail given about Solomon’s temple?  Pastor Jim lays that our very nicely.

Why Say All This?

The Providence of God- 1 Kings 5 (Scullion)

“What is this chapter doing in the Bible?” is a question you might understandably ask about 1 Kings 5.  Pastor Jim believes that it just might be there to help us understand how God’s Providence plays out in life and history.

The Providence of God

God Makes A Nation Great – 1 Kings 4:1-34 (Scullion)

God’s plan in making a great nation of Israel is evident during the reign of Solomon.   What can we learn from this narrative about redemption, human failure, and a greater King?  Listen here as our visiting preacher explains the text.

God Makes a Nation Great