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The Gospel-Driven Church- Col 3:12-17 (Meyers)

I could argue that today’s sermon was equally suited for the first Sunday of a new year, but in any event, Randy challenged us to really consider what God’s will for Stonebridge Church might really be. (Hint: our ‘comfort’ was not a part of that description.) Randy’s interpretation also shed light on Colossians and that it might better be understood as written to the entire church, as opposed to us individually. You will benefit if you listen, so here’s the link.

Repent and Prepare for the Savior – Luke 3:7-18 (Sonnenberg)

What “good news” is there when someone calls you “a brood of vipers”?  Dr. Luke helps his readers see that while there is a call for repentance and of coming judgement, that the good new, the “Gospel” is that John the Baptizer as well as Jesus tell us that that there is still time to repent and turn. God is gracious and calls to all humanity to turn from sin and live lives bearing fruit of that repentance.

Making Sense of Newtown – Matt 2:16-18 (Sonnenberg)

We grieve with families in Newtown, Ct. We implore God because we do not understand.  Where was God Friday morning? No, he did not turn his back. He not only understands the evil things that happen- a result of the total depravity of man -but he also feels the pain. He is more pained the even we are when this kind of evil hurts so many. And that is exactly why he sent Jesus to Bethlehem 2000 years ago. Jesus would come to atone for the evil and provide justice, relief and grace.

Anticipating and Confident – Phil 1 (Meyers)

Randy Meyers shared Sunday from Philippians 1 – not a passage you might think of a particularly “Christmas”.  But it was “Christmasy” enough, and to also say it was very encouraging would be an understatement.  I hope you will were encouraged and filled with anticipation as you prepare for Christmas this year. And if you were not able to be with us, you can the link below to listen – its there just for you!

God Loves Dysfunctional Families- Gen 34, 38 and 49 (Sonnenberg)

OK, so we’ve seen in the series that the people in Genesis were not all that “wonderful”. But in today’s sermon, Pastor Dan, well, its sort of a shocker.  I mean, how dysfunctional can a family get?!  Well, it can get pretty ugly. But the amazing thing is that God’s plan includes some members of some not too normal families. So are you a bit discouraged about your family?  Take heart!  Please listen and let today’s sermon encourage you!

When Bad Things Happen to Good People- Gen 45 (Meyers)

Do bad things happen to good people?  In our second to last in our Genesis series, Randy Meyers shows us that the “bad” that happened to Joseph- and there was a lot of bad -was actually God’s intentional plan…  “You meant if for evil, but God meant it for good, to save many souls alive…” Oh, that we would have such and attitude when we face “things” in our lives.  (Sorry, no recording this week. We had some technical difficulties.)