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Intruder Alert

Many of us secure our homes before turning in for the night. We check and lock doors, pull blinds, set alarms. We take precautions to protect ourselves and our house. Our preacher today, Taylor Wright, suggested that it is more important that we take care to protect our hearts from the intrusion of false gospels. False gospels- or what we understand to be what that which secures our relationship to God -can come from external agents or equally come from within.

The Divine Cure

In Jeremiah 11 the prophet, similar to a physician, is, being given God’s diagnosis of Judah’s “problem”; Judah’s disease. Its a lethal condition but the ‘patient’ is not listening or taking the medicine that will help the ‘patient’ be cured. Dom Marko, our preacher this Sunday, walks us through the diagnosis and then presents the cure.