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Our All Sufficient Shepherd

1 Peter is an epistle, a letter, that speaks to believers who are experiencing “tough times” of some kind. Suffering? Persecution? We are unclear the exact nature of what it is. But St Peter makes it clear that suffering is “part of the deal” when you “sign up” as a Jesus follower. He then points to Jesus as an example for them- and for us -as one who endured the most unjust suffering. Jesus’ response to suffering can be a wonderful guide for us.

(The first minute or so are missing and a brief bit of distortion in 1-2 spots: so sorry.)

Puzzle Pieces of Providence

King Solomon was the wisest man whoever lived. That is what the Bible says. He tried everything to find the most joy and pleasure in life. His research and results are captured for our benefit in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiates. Pastor Jeff basically shared that our outlook greatly influences the outcome in our lives. If we respond to what happens to us in life as “God ordained” then we will or can learn and grow in ways that make us into the image God has in mind for us. If our outlook is that we are the master of our own fate, then we will likely experience the good and bad in life without seeing the value God is attempting to create in us.