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With Jesus Comes Celebration!- Mark 2:18-20

How about that National NCAA championship football game?!  Exciting? Make you want to celebrate? (If you were on the right side…?).  Well, Pastor Alan spoke to us about our ability as Christ followers to always have something to celebrate.

With Jesus Comes Celebration!

Complete in Christ- 1 Cor 1:1-9

Pastor Jeff is embarking on a new series on the St Paul’s first letter to the church in Corinth. We may dismiss the first paragraph or two as simple introduction, but Jeff’s exposition let us to a quite different conclusion.

Complete in Christ

More Than Conquerors- Rom 8:28-39

This sermon is Pastor Larry’s last in a series on the Christian faith: How do we persevere to the end?  Pastor Larry finds comfort and help for us all in Romans 8. (Sorry but we had technical problems the first half of the talk, so the recording picks up about half way through.)

More Than Conquerors