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Contending for the Gospel- Acts (Conrow)

We should be telling others about what God has done for us. The good news of the gospel.  Why don’t we? Pastor Alan shared that we will share this good news with others when we know the gospel ourselves; when we receive the gospel in our lives; and when we live out the gospel.

Contending for the Gospel

In Christ Alone- Heb 2:2-18 (Lavalette)

Pastor Jeff begins this sermon with the question: What is your greatest fear?  Public speaking?!  Losing your job?  Losing your love?  This sermon is a continuation of Pastor Jeff’s series from the Epistle (letter) to the Hebrews, in the New Testament. The recipients of this letter had started to let fears of various kinds distract them; make them forget just what a wonderful position they were in as children of God, as ‘brothers’ of Jesus.

The Risen Christ

What Makes a Church Beautiful?-Rom 12:9-21 (Conrow)

The church in America does not hold the “favored” place it once did. Pastor Alan shared some statistics to support that contention. He then asked: Why? Why has the church lost the appeal to so many in our nation, and what is God’s design to make the church beautiful to those both inside and out?

What Makes a Church Beautiful?

The Goal of Our Mission- Acts 26 (Oldaker)

In his defense before King Agripa, St. Paul clearly states the mission we, as believers in Christ, should always keep in mind. Pastor Larry clearly leads us through this wonderful part of the Bible.

The Goal of Our Mission

The Only Christian Nation- Deut. 8 (Scullion)

What is a “Christian” Nation? Have there been any in history? Are there any now? Pastor Jim might put this in a different light than you might think.

The Only Christian Nation