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Eagerly Awaiting Christ’s Coming- 1 Cor 1:3-9 (Sonnenberg)

This first Sunday of Advent pastor Dan shifted our attention slightly from looking back to when Jesus came, to the encouragement the apostle Paul gave the Corinthian church in his first epistle to them. They had all kinds of issues but Paul wrote words of encouragement. Why? Because Paul knew that the God who provided redemption and salvation through Jesus first coming, was able and willing to complete that work in time and eternity.

The Blessing of Generous Giving- 2 Cor 9:6-15 (Sonnenberg)

It feels like being a “generous giver” is an accepted mantra of Christianity. In today’s sermon, Pastor Dan sheds light on a text that perhaps comes at the teaching of generous giving from a slightly different perspective than you might think. The apostle Paul is challenging the Corinthian church not to forget their promised generosity. The reason why? Well, it might surprise you, so take a listen and find out!

Jesus’ Promise of the Spirit- Acts 1:1-11 (Sonnenberg)

Three years with his disciples; now Jesus is departing and there will be a paradigm shift.  In Acts 1, Luke reports how Jesus in his last days on earth called the disciples to a mission, he encouraged them not to drift away from that mission and he clarified why it was so necessary for him to leave.  We can take away some important principles for our church today, as Pastor Dan shared in his sermon.

Be Ready- Matt 15:1-13 (Whalen)

You can have a lot of things right; be in the right place; be with the right people… but you might still not really ‘be ready’.  In the parable in Matthew 25 10 virgins were had so much in common, yet only 5 entered the chamber of the bridegroom for the wedding celebration.  5 others were told: “I don’t know you.”  They were not really ready. Are we? This is the question Pastor Tim Whalen asks us in today’s sermon.

Seek the Welfare of Your City- Jer 29:1-7 (Sonnenberg)

How are we to relate to where we live? We get a pretty good sense when we read Jeremiah. The Jews were ‘captives’ in Babylon- a representation of the God-hating world -yet Jeremiah encourages them to… ‘ settle down… plant gardens and eat the produce…give your  sons and daughters in marriage… have grandchildren…’ .  They were also to seek and pray for the prosperity and peace of Babylon.  Wow, what a  command! And is there a lesson for us today? You bet.  Listen to Pastor Dan’s sermon and find out!