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The Day of Pentecost- Acts 2:1-13 (Sonnenberg)

Christ’s death, burial and resurrection are unquestionably the great event in history and the Bible. Yet there are other important days or events in history of redemption learning of which can also help our understanding of the work of God in history as well as His current work in the world today.  Pentecost is such an event, and Pastor Dan provides us with information and insight of this event in his sermon today.

Jesus’ Ascension- Acts 1 (Sonnenberg)

In the forty (40) days after Jesus’ resurrection, things move very quickly in most of the Gospels and also the first chapter of Acts.  The King of the Kingdom has come! Now it is time for the King to temporarily return to His Father, and it is time for the Holy Spirit to expand His role and activity here on earth.  Actually, the book of Acts is the story of the beginning of this work.