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What’s Next? -Mark 16:1-8 (Shaw)

What’s Next? -Mark 16:1-8 (Shaw)

Mark 16 is a passage of Scripture that might leave you wondering.  It might seem odd that Jesus is missing in these verses!  Doesn’t Mark want his readers to see Jesus as God’s Son and to believe in the gospel? Pastor Scott unpacks this passage in today’s sermon. SB_20160327_Shaw

Look! The King! Mark 1:1-11 (Shaw)

Look!  The King!   Mark 1:1-11  (Shaw)

Gospel writer Mark includes the account of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem at the start of Passover week. In what way is his entry both humble and triumphant? Hear this Palm Sunday sermon from Pastor Shaw as he explains how this text points to Jesus’ credentials as the Messiah. SB_20160320_Shaw

“The Sin from Within” – Mark 7:1-23

“The Sin from Within”  –  Mark 7:1-23   (Shaw)

Do we sin because we are sinners, or are we sinners because we sin?   Which do we desire more, clean hands or a clean heart?   Listen as Pastor Shaw describes the significance of Jesus’ encounter with the Pharisees over the degree and origin of our sin. SB_20160313_Shaw

Faith in the Face of the Impossible –

Faith in the Face of the Impossible  –  Mark 6:30-56  (Shaw)

In today’s passages from Mark’s gospel, Jesus empowers his disciples for apostolic (and miraculous) ministry but also allows them to encounter barriers that seem impossible.   Is their obedience hindered by their insistence that they see first the final outcome of the task before them? What about us? Pastor Shaw describes these encounters in today’s sermon. […]