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Be Ready- Matt 15:1-13 (Whalen)

Be Ready- Matt 15:1-13 (Whalen)

You can have a lot of things right; be in the right place; be with the right people… but you might still not really ‘be ready’.  In the parable in Matthew 25 10 virgins were had so much in common, yet only 5 entered the chamber of the bridegroom for the wedding celebration.  5 others […]

Seek the Welfare of Your City- Jer 29:1-1

Seek the Welfare of Your City- Jer 29:1-7 (Sonnenberg)

How are we to relate to where we live? We get a pretty good sense when we read Jeremiah. The Jews were ‘captives’ in Babylon- a representation of the God-hating world -yet Jeremiah encourages them to… ‘ settle down… plant gardens and eat the produce…give your  sons and daughters in marriage… have grandchildren…’ .  They […]