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Walk in Wisdom – Eph 5:15-21 (Sonnenberg

Walk in Wisdom – Eph 5:15-21 (Sonnenberg)

Walk in love. Walk in light. Now Paul encourages Christians to also walk in wisdom.  Its not as hard as it might seem, and yet it is difficult just the same.  Wisdom is much more than facts; more than knowledge; more than extraordinary “common sense”. In short, we walk in wisdom when we come to […]

Walk as Children of Light (2)-Eph 5:6-141

Walk as Children of Light (2)-Eph 5:6-14 (Sonnenberg)

In part two of this section of Ephesians 5, we were challenged not to be deceived by ‘dark’ words, and in a more positive way expose deeds of darkness. Each time we take a stand to expose sin and darkness, we contribute to pushing back that darkness. Light always triumphs over darkness.

Walk As Children of Light – Eph 5:8 (Son

Walk As Children of Light – Eph 5:8 (Sonnenberg)

Darkness. Light. People are one or the other. We are called to be “light in the Lord”. As we live according to Scripture and the Spirit, we come more and more to reflect the light that Jesus Christ is. Writing from prison in Rome, Paul reminds the Ephesians in chapters 1-3 of their new identity – who […]

Baptism: Infant and Adult (Sonnenberg)

Baptism: Infant and Adult (Sonnenberg)

We had the privilege of celebrating an infant baptism today as well as a profession of  faith from one of our youth! What is baptism really all about? You might listen to Pastor Dan’s sermon. If you would like more information please contact either Pastor Dan or one of our elders. The contents of this sermon are taken from […]