Authority to Forgive Sins

St Matthew has been bring his story, his argument about Jesus as God’s appointed King ever more detailed in terms of Jesus power and authority. After demonstrating Jesus authority over sickness, disease, nature and demons, St Matthew now turn to address or expose the root cause of all these symptoms, and to show that King Jesus also has authority to solve this root problem.

The Lord Reigns

Bible readers often consider Psalms on their own, as individual songs or poems or laments. In today’s sermon, Pastor Jerry Croyts concludes a two-part talk on Psalm 1 and 2. As he explains, these two Psalms most likely were written as one and were only divided into two by later editors. In Psalm 2, the author suggests we consider three conversations: one between the “kings of the earth”, a second is the contemplations of God in heaven, and then the psalmist himself is offering some thoughts to the reader.