Gospel Zeal- Gal 2:17-21

Do I have “zeal” for the Gospel? If not, it just may be that I don’t fully appreciate just how special, just how precious a thing the Gospel of Jesus really is.

Gospel Zeal

Elders: Why, Who, How and What? – Titus 1:5-9

Not sure if you think an “elder” is a new concept or an old one; A concept that has outlived its usefulness or one that is just showing signs of acceptance.  Here is Pastor Jim with his take on how St Paul viewed the subject.

Elders: Why, Who, How and What?

Gospel Unity – Gal 2:11-16

Gospel Unity? Well, Pastor Larry explains why there is unity in the gospel message. Unity between Jews and non-Jews. Unity between religious and irreligious people.

Gospel Unity

A Firm Foundation is Fundamental- 1 Cor 3:10-17

Yes, while Jesus followers are called to build, more critical is on what we build. And the foundation of Jesus Christ is super fundamental.

A Firm Foundation is Fundamental

Rejoicing in the Kingdom – 2 Sam 7:1-16

King David wanted to build a ‘house’ for God.  God’s response: “I’ve ‘lived’ in a tent since bringing my people out of Egypt and have never asked anyone to build me a ‘house’. Furthermore, I will build you a ‘house’ that will last forever.”  This ‘house’ was really a dynasty and Pastor Alan’s aim is to help us see how we are a part of that ‘house’.

Rejoicing in the Kingdom

One Gospel for All – Gal 2:6-10

St Paul sets forth and defends his Apostolic authority in this passage. He and the other apostles did not mutually negotiate what the gospel was. Rather as they compared was each was preaching, they saw that their messages were consistent or identical: One Gospel for all people.

One Gospel for All

What Am I Here For?- Titus 1:1-4

St Paul anticipated this question from Titus. St Paul knew the answer as it related to him; he wanted to make sure Titus knew for himself. too.  And Pastor Jim wants us to know it for ourselves.

What Am I Here For?

Missing Maturity- 1 Cor 3:1-9

Think you have it all down pat? All grown up?  That’s what the believers in Corinth thought as well.  Ooo, it must have be a tough few paragraphs when they read St Paul’s letter.

Missing Maturity