You Need Help!- Phil 3:17-4:1 (Lavalette)

Always a pleasure to have Pastor Jeff in our pulpit.  This week he address the issue that we are not self-sufficient in ourselves.

You Need Help!

Discipleship101- John 17 (Shaw)

Great to have Pastor Scott Shaw with us again. And how basis can you get than “101”?  Well, Pastor Scott seems to think that Discipleship 101 is pretty basic. Listen; do you agree??

Discipleship 101

The Providence of God- 1 Kings 5 (Scullion)

“What is this chapter doing in the Bible?” is a question you might understandably ask about 1 Kings 5.  Pastor Jim believes that it just might be there to help us understand how God’s Providence plays out in life and history.

The Providence of God

What’s Most Important? -1 Cor 15:1-8 (Conrow)

It’s a question most people wrestle with: What is really important for me to work on; focus on, spend time on, etc.  Well, what do you know?  St Paul understood this and addressed it in his letter to the Corinthian believers. Hint: The word starts with “G”.

What’s Most Important?

A Holy Discontent- Phil 3:12-16 (Lavalette)

Good intentions. Hard to argue with them. Yet, if those intentions never result in actions or change?  Pastor Jeff believes that St Paul would have Christians experience some discontent with exactly that: that our intentions in any number of good things never actually come to reality.

A Holy Discontent

Triumphal Entry! -Matt 21:1-11 (Scullian)

Not quite Palm Sunday, but Pastor Jim’s sermon was fantastic on the subject! Wow! Almost unbelievable how God/Jesus made history come together that last week of Jesus’ earthly life.

Triumphal Entry

A Blessing for Sinners-Ps 32 (Conrow)

Yes, Jesus did provide an unbelievable blessing for sinners!

A Blessing for Sinners