The Christian Life Matters- Rom 12:1-21 (Conrow)

Does living the Christian life really matter? Pastor Alan outlines from Romans why it does, and how it does.

The Christian Life Matters

The Sinfulness of Sin- Rom 3:9-26 (Oldaker)

If you want a primer on the basic problem of the human race you could do much worse than this sermon by Pastor Larry Oldaker. Humanity has a sin problem.  And it is much worse than most of us really want to admit it is.

The Sinfulness of Sin

Bringing Up the Ark – 1 Kings 8:1-21 (Scullion)

In this week’s text, we see the beginning of the ceremony Solomon decreed to bring the ark to the temple just built in Jerusalem.   This is of great historical interest, but even more, it reveals at least three things in the nature of our God.   Listen as our guest preacher Jim Scullion spells this out.

Bringing Up the Ark

Experiencing God’s Goodness- Ps 34:1-10 (Conrow)

The events which underlie the writing of Psalm 34 seem quite an unlikely source in which King David finds and experiences God’s goodness. David is on the run for his life and the enemies of Israel appear to be a better haven than any he can find in his own country. Yet it is exactly here that David says: “Oh, taste, and see that the Lord is good!”

Experiencing God’s Goodness

No Need to Hide from the Gospel – Heb 4:14 – 5:10 (Lavalette)

Why do we hide? Hide from others? Hide our true selves from our family, friends, the church? We often try to hide from God.  In today’s Scripture passage, Pastor Jeff shares the good news that Jesus Christ knows us completely. Nothing about us is hidden from him.  And the amazing thing: He still loves and accepts us!!  We should run to him; leave all our hiding; leave all our pretense and simply place all our confidence in what he has done and wants to do in and thru us.

No Need to Hide from the Gospel

Furnishing the Temple-1 Kings 17:13-27 (Scullion)

What does the OT “Furnishing of the Temple” have to do with us today?

Furnishing the Temple

Contending for the Gospel- Acts (Conrow)

We should be telling others about what God has done for us. The good news of the gospel.  Why don’t we? Pastor Alan shared that we will share this good news with others when we know the gospel ourselves; when we receive the gospel in our lives; and when we live out the gospel.

Contending for the Gospel

In Christ Alone- Heb 2:2-18 (Lavalette)

Pastor Jeff begins this sermon with the question: What is your greatest fear?  Public speaking?!  Losing your job?  Losing your love?  This sermon is a continuation of Pastor Jeff’s series from the Epistle (letter) to the Hebrews, in the New Testament. The recipients of this letter had started to let fears of various kinds distract them; make them forget just what a wonderful position they were in as children of God, as ‘brothers’ of Jesus.

The Risen Christ