Puzzle Pieces of Providence

King Solomon was the wisest man whoever lived. That is what the Bible says. He tried everything to find the most joy and pleasure in life. His research and results are captured for our benefit in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiates. Pastor Jeff basically shared that our outlook greatly influences the outcome in our lives. If we respond to what happens to us in life as “God ordained” then we will or can learn and grow in ways that make us into the image God has in mind for us. If our outlook is that we are the master of our own fate, then we will likely experience the good and bad in life without seeing the value God is attempting to create in us.

Finding God in the Dark

Psalm 6 is one Psalm that has left many questioning its author or, if it was King David, if he really could have been in such a depressed state. Pastor Croyts, continuing he series in Psalms, pointed out that often when we are in deep dispair it confirms that God is still at work. Yes, that is hard to believe. Better hear Pastor Croyts explain it in his own words.

Put Away Anger

Some sins appear, at least superficially, to be more easily avoided than others. Think of murder or adultery; these seem to be pretty ordinal. You either commit them or you don’t.* But when the Bible commands us to “put away anger”, hmm, that presents a real problem for us. Anger is an emotion every human being experiences. And every human responds to that emotion, or lives out that emotion is some fashion or another. So what to do? For one, you can listen to Randy’s talk about it.