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The Ministry of Reconciliation

Reconciliation. That is a word we might not hear that often. It comes from “reconcile”, which might be defined as “making two things to come into agreement”. When a relationship is broken, “reconciliation” is what needs to happen to bring the two parties back into a positive relationship.

Our Way Directed By God – Psalm 119:1-8 (Burch)

Is the law of God a burden or a blessing?   Visiting preacher Philip Burch introduces us to Psalm 119 and answers this question in his sermon on the first eight verses of this great chapter.

Our Way Directed by God

A Cry for Mercy- Ps 51:1-9 (Burch)

One of the hard to believe facts in the Bible is that King David is said to be a man after God’s own heart. Really?! This seem incredulous once we understand that David committed some pretty nasty sins, including adultery and murder.  How to reconcile these contradictory realities? Pastor Phil Burch leads us through Psalm 51 for a better understanding.


Hearing and Doing the Word- James 1:19-27 (Burch)

Phillip Burch encouraged us this morning to consider what it means to hear what God has to say and what it means to do what God says we should do. Reading is important. Understanding necessary. But absent action, absent behavior, and we deceive ourselves if we think we are spiritual simply because we hear read God’s Word. What a good challenge for all believers everywhere.