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Remember Who You Are

The Lion King – this movie might date you… But Pastor MIke did reference it to make the point that Christians need to remember, need to be reminded, who we are as children of God. As members of God’s family. And that once we remember that, that we are expected to be ambassadors for God, to plead with those who have not yet come to faith, to be reconciled with the God who is waiting to have the relationship restored.

Sermon text is 2 Cor 5:16-21

Are You Abiding?

In St John’s gospel, chapter 15, Jesus uses the picture of a grape vine to explain some aspects of the relationship which believers have with God. Grape vines were probably more common in those days, or at least to a higher percentage of the population than they are today, but Pastor Mike is speaking from personal experience as he takes us through this text.

Walking According to the Spirit

St Paul’s letter to the Romans is likely his “systematic theology”. It is loaded with truth, but is also a guide for daily practical living.

How the Holy Spirit Transforms Lives – Acts 2:1-14, 36-41 (Frison)

Peter, the uneducated one, the betrayer, emerged as the strong and persuasive voice for Christians in Jerusalem during the Feast of Weeks following Jesus resurrection.  Where did he get that power to speak?