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The King With Authority

We come to the second event which St Matthew records with the purpose of showing his readers that Jesus is indeed the King of the Kingdom of God, and that he has the authority to dispense his mercy, his power, his pleasure on whomever he wishes, and how he wishes. This would have been shocking to the Jewish readers as well as to those Jews who were following Jesus when this event happn

The King of the Kingdom

St Matthew’s gospel tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of God’s Kingdom. Matthew wants his readers to see Jesus as the promised king, who would establish and rule of the Kingdom of God. In chapters 8-11 St Matthew demonstrates how the promised king will actually solve or correct all that is wrong with the world as it is, and return the world to how God intended it.

The Holy Spirit

Today was Pentecost Sunday. The day Christians celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in the 1st Century. Our Elder, Martin Rossol, talked about Pentecost last week; this week the subject is The Holy Spirit more generally. What or who is the Holy Spirit and what else important might we know.

Four things to know about the Holy Spirit. Numbers 11:16-25

The New Normal

Pentecost is very underrated in much of Christianity. Little did Jesus followers know, but starting on that Pentecost day, there would be a “new normal” for the world. Jesus was no longer physically present with his followers, but God was not absent. God now came to be with and in individual believers as He had only done in isolated instances prior to this. And this would change the world.