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Who is a True Christian?

The sermon title is a good question, don’t you think? People make all kinds of claims about what they have done, how wonderful they are, and to what group they belong. So how do we know who real Christian is? How do we know we are true Christians if we claim we are? Is it possible do be self-deluded? Jim Scullion suggests the answer can be found in St Paul’s letter to the Philippines chapter 3.

True Repentance

Scripture talks of “repentance” quite frequently. But exactly, what does it mean to really “repent”? Jim Scullion takes a look at this question from the story in 1 Samuel 3. It is instructive. Listen…

The Gospel is . . .

Today’s sermon text is the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with perfume that cost about one year’s wages. Imaging a bottle of perfume that costs $65,000 – and using it all on one person on one occasion?!! Shocking as that is, and as interesting as Jesus response is to the invariable critics; Jim Scullion takes this passage in a different direction by focusing on Jesus use of the word “gospel”. Listen…

Wasting the Advantage

Think of any situation: if you have “an advantage” it usually is the smart thing to capitalize on that advantage. Be it a team, a business, or a financial transaction. As it relates to faith in Jesus, the comment has often been made “Wouldn’t it have been so great to have lived in Judea when Jesus was there?!” Well, in today’s sermon, Jim Scullion suggests that living in Jesus’ day was no more a guarantee of belief than living in any other period of time.