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In The Fullness of Time -Gal 4:4-5 (Smith)

Long before Malcolm Gladwell introduced the world to his book “Blink”, God was in the business of making things happen… at the right time.  What an encouragement for us on Christmas 2017.  And always a privilege to have Dr Blair Smith with us.

In the Fullness of Time

The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation – John 14:15-31 (Smith)

At Christmas we focus on Jesus the Second Person of the Trinity. But what of the third, the Holy Spirit. Listen as Dr Blair Smith explains the role of the Holy Spirit in the Incarnation which we celebrate at Christmas as well as His role in the life of the church thereafter.

The Spirit of Christmas

Father Christmas- John 1:14 (Smith)

Can you conceive of Christmas as a snowball? Dr. Smith will give your mind a bit of a “kick start” and it may surprise you how the ‘snowball’ analogy actually is meaningful!

Father Christmas

Anticipation and Preparation

Christmas. The coming of the Messiah.  This is an event much anticipated throughout the history of the Jewish nation over the centuries.  One facet of Christmas less often discussed is the vast amount of preparation that was also an element in the anticipation. Blair Smith’s homily on Christmas Eve focuses on both of these aspects of the Christmas story.


Giving Thanks to God- Col3:15-17 (B Smith)

Its altogether fitting that Blair Smith would share this past Sunday on the subject of “Thanksgiving”.  Sure, Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday as many non-Americans have said. Yet what began both as a time for being thankful for our situation and for what we have as well as thanking the God who gave these things, the holiday in this age is often simply a relishing of what we do have indulging a bit more in it. Well, Pastor Blair helps us see what giving thanks to God might really be all about.



Jesus Prepares His People- John 14:1-14 (Smith)

Before Jesus underwent his passion he prepared his disciples for what was to come.  Jesus reassured the disciples that his departure was really for their benefit; that they would continue forward because he was ‘the way’; and that they would have continued fellowship with both God the Father and Jesus because they are mutually indwelling each other.