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Christ Alone- 1 Tim 2:5-6

Steven Shepard, Church Planting International, was our preacher today and he shared the same message that he preaches and teaches in Mexico, South America and Africa. Its the same Gospel message that people the world around need to hear.

To God Alone be the Glory – 5 Solas

In the last of five lessons, Scott Shaw teaches through the last of the Five Solas: To God Alone be the Glory! And just what is Glory? A great question if you really want to understand this 5th of the Reformation “Five Solas”.


Five Solas – Sola Fide

Lesson four of five on the 5 Solas of the Reformation.  This one led by Scott Shaw is Faith Alone.


Sola Gratia

Lesson three in a series on the Five Solas of the Reformed tradition.  Grace Alone. Pastor Scott Shaw teaching an adult discipleship group.


5 Solas – Christ Alone

This lesson focuses on the subject of Christ Alone.


Five Solas – Intro and Sola Scriptura

This is the first in a five part teaching series on the “Five Solas” – which have a distinctly Reformed flavor.