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What is the Gospel?- Rom 8:26-30

Following up on his two prior sermons this year, Pastor Mike narrowed in on the question “What is the Gospel?” A question which we all benefit from by having a clear answer.

More Than Conquerors- Rom 8:28-39

This sermon is Pastor Larry’s last in a series on the Christian faith: How do we persevere to the end?  Pastor Larry finds comfort and help for us all in Romans 8. (Sorry but we had technical problems the first half of the talk, so the recording picks up about half way through.)

More Than Conquerors

The Christian Life Matters- Rom 12:1-21 (Conrow)

Does living the Christian life really matter? Pastor Alan outlines from Romans why it does, and how it does.

The Christian Life Matters

The Sinfulness of Sin- Rom 3:9-26 (Oldaker)

If you want a primer on the basic problem of the human race you could do much worse than this sermon by Pastor Larry Oldaker. Humanity has a sin problem.  And it is much worse than most of us really want to admit it is.

The Sinfulness of Sin

What Makes a Church Beautiful?-Rom 12:9-21 (Conrow)

The church in America does not hold the “favored” place it once did. Pastor Alan shared some statistics to support that contention. He then asked: Why? Why has the church lost the appeal to so many in our nation, and what is God’s design to make the church beautiful to those both inside and out?

What Makes a Church Beautiful?

God’s Gift of Salvation- Rom 5:12-19 (Kim)

Pastor Kim reminded us just how miraculous is the gift of salvation which Jesus secured for us by his coming to earth and living an obedient life- which Adam could not, and did not do.

God’s Gift of Salvation

“Peace On Earth” Romans 5:1 (Scullion)

In his Christmas carol, Longfellow laments “there is no peace on earth, I said.”   We often say the same. But in his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul replies. Listen as our visiting preacher describes the meaning of Paul’s declaration of peace in this week’s sermon.

Peace on Earth

Christ Likeness Matters- Rom 8:28-30 (Conrow)

Most Christians experience times in their life when it just doesn’t seem like things are going in the direction they thought. And its not unusual for them to ask “If God really is working all things for good, why doesn’t it seem that way in my life?”  Pastor Alan Conrow addressed this with his sermon Sunday.