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Heaven? What Will We Do There?- Rev 21:1-5 (Conrow)

Wow! I cannot remember a better sermon on this subject.  A “must listen to”!

Heaven: What will we actually do there?

The Return of the King- Rev 1:4-8 (Rose)

Three images of God the King and the response of his people to him.  The Israelites rejected God as their king when they asked Samuel to “anoint them a king like all the other nations.  Finally the king returns to his people, but he comes not as a conqueror, but as a servant. But wait, this isn’t the end; on Easter morning the King rises from the dead; he exits the tomb. He is now the victorious king; the exhalted king; the King over all kings. What a great event we are celebrating today.

God’s Eternal Kingdom Vision- Rev 7:9-11 (Sonnenberg)

Pastor Dan is starting a new series on the subject of ‘God’s Vision and Plan for His Kingdom’.  God has had a vision and plan for his kingdom from before creation. We live in a specific time and place, and how we fit into God’s vision will likely be different than a 1820 church in the heart of Spain.  In this series Pastor Dan hopes to show us the God’s vision for his church through the lens of Scripture, the Westminster Confession of Faith as well as the Westminster Shorter and Longer Catechisms of Faith.