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A Psalm of Worship – Psalm 95 (Scullion)

Psalm 95 contains joyful praise and solemn warning.  Both are needed by God’s people.

Experiencing God’s Goodness- Ps 34:1-10 (Conrow)

The events which underlie the writing of Psalm 34 seem quite an unlikely source in which King David finds and experiences God’s goodness. David is on the run for his life and the enemies of Israel appear to be a better haven than any he can find in his own country. Yet it is exactly here that David says: “Oh, taste, and see that the Lord is good!”

Experiencing God’s Goodness

A Blessing for Sinners-Ps 32 (Conrow)

Yes, Jesus did provide an unbelievable blessing for sinners!

A Blessing for Sinners

Our Way Directed By God – Psalm 119:1-8 (Burch)

Is the law of God a burden or a blessing?   Visiting preacher Philip Burch introduces us to Psalm 119 and answers this question in his sermon on the first eight verses of this great chapter.

Our Way Directed by God

Praise the Lord! – Ps 113 (Conrow)

There are many places in the Bible that encourage [command?] Christians to “Praise the Lord!”  How obedient are you to this command? Pastor Alan shared about a group who praises God from 4:30 to 6:30 daily. Wow!  Not sure most of us can compare with that.  So why the command? And why so often?

Praise the Lord

The Lord is My Shepherd- Ps 23 (Conrow)

A well known Scripture, yet Alan Conrow presented this Psalm in a very relevant way.

Jesus is My Shepard