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Forgetting and Pressing Forward- Phil 3:1-14

January is often full of ‘Resolutions’, except they don’t usually ‘stick’.  St Paul has a suggestion for us- as Pastor Mike explains: Forget the past; instead, focus your attention and energy on that God has for you in the future.

Forgetting and Pressing Forward

You Need Help!- Phil 3:17-4:1 (Lavalette)

Always a pleasure to have Pastor Jeff in our pulpit.  This week he address the issue that we are not self-sufficient in ourselves.

You Need Help!

A Holy Discontent- Phil 3:12-16 (Lavalette)

Good intentions. Hard to argue with them. Yet, if those intentions never result in actions or change?  Pastor Jeff believes that St Paul would have Christians experience some discontent with exactly that: that our intentions in any number of good things never actually come to reality.

A Holy Discontent

Knowing Jesus is Better Than Anything!- Phil 3:1-11

Knowing Jesus is better than… anything? Pastor Jeff helps us to see just how this might be so.

Jesus is Better Than Anything

Ordinary Christians- Phil 4:1-34 (Lavalette)

In Chapter 4 of St Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he mentions a few men who don’t seem other than rather ordinary fellows simply doing what has been ask of them.  And perhaps that is just the reason St Paul includes them.

Ordinary Christians

Guard Your Joy – Philippians 2:1-4 (Lavalette)

How does Apostle Paul urge the Philippian church to protect it’s source of joy?  Listen here as our visiting preacher Jeff Lavalette explains.

Guard Your Joy

The LORD is Near!- Phil 4:2-9 (Frison)

The Apostle Paul is in prison as he wrote to the believers in Philipi.  Paul knows that life is can be very hard. It can be painful. Yet Paul gives the Philipians this encouragement: The LORD is near.  He is near in that he is in us, and he is near to mean that his coming back to earth for the consumation of the ages could be at any time. It could be today!  And knowing these two things, Paul encourages us in relationships, in difficult circumstances, and in our worries and anxieties. Pastor Mike encouraged us today to understand the the peace of God can be with us and that the God of this peace has also promised to be with us. To be near.