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Don’t be One of the Nine- Luke 17:11-19

Now just how much “good” needs to happen to you for you to recognize AND do something to express your thankfulness?  In today’s sermon Pastor Mike focused on the one unlikely person who recognized just what an amazing event had happened, and who expressed this gratefulness to the Man who caused it.

Don’t be One of the Nine

Our Emmaus Road- Luke 24:13-35

It is one week after Easter. But in Pastor Mike’s sermon, he recounts the story of two Jesus followers on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus that first Easter Sunday. We don’t know for sure, but even these who had walked with Jesus failed to recognize him as he joined their Journey. But when he did reveal himself to them, they were lit up and unstoppable.

What is your Emmaus journey like?

Our Emmaus Road

Be Faithful and Ready! -Luke 12:22-25

What do you do when you are really looking forward to something, or some event that you don’t want to miss?  You plan, prepare and get ready for it!  That is Jesus is reminding or calling his disciples to do.  Pastor Jeff’s message is worth listening to.

Be Faithful and Ready

Fear Not- Luke 2:8-21 (Frison)

It certainly is interesting that God elected to announce the coming of the Savior of the world to shepherds. Back in the day, shepherds were pretty low on the social scale, if not right at the bottom.  And true to form, when the ‘messenger’ comes, they almost die with fear.  Yet the work God sends them is the same as he has sent to humans over the millenium: Fear not!  When God injects himself into history it usually is because He is about to do something amazing, something wonderful for the human race.

Fear Not


Loving Your Neighbor- Luke 10:25-37 (Conrow)

So, who is my neighbor? And how might I love that neighbor? These are questions asked 2000 years ago by a Jewish lawyer, but we ask the very same question(s) if we would be honest. Pastor Alan offers some very helpful, practical advice on just how this might be done.

Loving My Neighbor

Consolation at Last- Luke 2:21-40 (Shaw)

Consolation is a word not used that frequently these days. And the “Consolation of Israel” – what kind of concept is that? Well, Pastor Scott helped us see the significance of these words from Simeon, the devout follower of Jehovah in Luke’s Gospel.


Anticipation and Preparation

Christmas. The coming of the Messiah.  This is an event much anticipated throughout the history of the Jewish nation over the centuries.  One facet of Christmas less often discussed is the vast amount of preparation that was also an element in the anticipation. Blair Smith’s homily on Christmas Eve focuses on both of these aspects of the Christmas story.


Unpinching God!

Yikes! Unpinching God! What in the world does pastor Scott mean by this? Sure, a visual would help, but even without that you will quickly get the “picture”. Listen to a sermon that we all should benefit from.