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Jesus the Word and Light- John 1:1-18

St John the apostle wrote so that “we might believe” in Jesus.  Humanity is in darkness; John says that Jesus was the Light.  Especially in today’s world of “fake news” where you can’t be sure what to believe, John says that Jesus was ‘the Word’.  God speaking.

Jesus the Word and Light

The Spirit Gives Life- John 6:26-45 (Oldaker)

Just why is it that some people seem to understand spiritual things and some don’t? Pastor Larry provided a perspective from John 6. The Spirit of God does work in hearts and minds and gives understanding and a desire to draw near to God.

The Spirit Gives Life

The Wonder of the Incarnation- John 1:14 (Scullion)

The Incarnation of Christ is one of the most amazing events of history.

The Wonder of the Incarnation

The Good Shepherd and His Sheep- John 10:1-18 (Oldaker)

Pastor Larry continued with the theme of God’s working redemption for his people.  The picture of a shepherd and sheep is used a number of times in the Bible to illustrate some aspect of the relationship between God, or leaders and God’s people.  The outline for today’s sermon was the power and significance of the Shepherd’s voice; the goodness of the Shepherd; and the utter faithfulness of the Shepherd to his sheep.

Discipleship101- John 17 (Shaw)

Great to have Pastor Scott Shaw with us again. And how basis can you get than “101”?  Well, Pastor Scott seems to think that Discipleship 101 is pretty basic. Listen; do you agree??

Discipleship 101

Joy in the Storm -John 6:16-22 (Kim)

How many times have you asked or have you heard this question: Are we there yet?!  It is ask by children all over the world. It is also asked by Christians who wonder if / when they will ‘arrive’.

Joy in the Storm

The Holy Spirit and the Incarnation – John 14:15-31 (Smith)

At Christmas we focus on Jesus the Second Person of the Trinity. But what of the third, the Holy Spirit. Listen as Dr Blair Smith explains the role of the Holy Spirit in the Incarnation which we celebrate at Christmas as well as His role in the life of the church thereafter.

The Spirit of Christmas

The Doctrine of Christian Liberty- John 8:31-36 (Bade)

Last week Addison spoke on the subject of the coming kingdom of God. This week is a follow-up and Addison redirects our thinking to how Christians are expected, or should expect themselves(?) to live in light of this Kingdom.