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Remember Who You Are

The Lion King – this movie might date you… But Pastor MIke did reference it to make the point that Christians need to remember, need to be reminded, who we are as children of God. As members of God’s family. And that once we remember that, that we are expected to be ambassadors for God, to plead with those who have not yet come to faith, to be reconciled with the God who is waiting to have the relationship restored.

Sermon text is 2 Cor 5:16-21

The Ministry of Reconciliation

Reconciliation. That is a word we might not hear that often. It comes from “reconcile”, which might be defined as “making two things to come into agreement”. When a relationship is broken, “reconciliation” is what needs to happen to bring the two parties back into a positive relationship.

Do Not Lose Heart- 2 Cor 4:5-18

St Paul encouraged the believers in Corinth and he encourages us today to “Keep the Faith”; Do not lose heart!

Do Not Lose Heart

The Blessing of Generous Giving- 2 Cor 9:6-15 (Sonnenberg)

It feels like being a “generous giver” is an accepted mantra of Christianity. In today’s sermon, Pastor Dan sheds light on a text that perhaps comes at the teaching of generous giving from a slightly different perspective than you might think. The apostle Paul is challenging the Corinthian church not to forget their promised generosity. The reason why? Well, it might surprise you, so take a listen and find out!